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Related article: She was a timid woman, as her treatise on fishing tells us. But, like all Colcrys Tablets women, she believed that men and boys should be brave, and we have learnt from Bale how anxious she was to guard the youth of England from ** vain sloth." This is why she wrote on hawking and hunting, and other subjects of worldly interest in the Scriptorium of a mediaeval convent. We know already that Juliana was alive in 1460. The date of her birth is not known. But let us suppose that she was born in 1377, eleven years before her father's disgrace and execution. Richard H. had just come to the throne. Keep this fact in your mind, and think of all the national events that happened during Buy Colcrys Online our heroine's long life. You will think of Richard H.'s reign, then of Henry IV.*s; you will next call up to recollection the heroic days of Agincourt ; Generic Colcrys then come the wondrous achievements of the Maid of Orleans ; and on- wards your thoughts go till they reach the 22nd of May, 1455, when the nuns in Sopwell heard the Yorkists and Lancastrians meet in their first crash of battle. It is thus that Juliana's life should be clothed and charmed with a thousand interests, all varied. I cannot leave my subject with- out saying a few words to Mr. Bernard Quaritch, who has long been trying to prove that Juliana Bemers is unworthy, of any atten- tion. You will find his remarks in his ** General Catalogue," 264 BAILY S MAGAZINE. [Apeil vol. ii., p. -^40. Mr. Quaritch has a theory in his mind, and is free to unfold it in the way which seems best to him. He begins by saying that the rhymed trea- tise on the chase is written in the form of a lesson, in the course of which a dame speaks to her pupils very endearingly, calling them her ** sonnys " and her ** lief chyldre." Well, who were these children ? Was the treatise put together that gentlewomen might teach their sons the art and language of hunting, to be igno- rant of which was to be without one of the distinguishing marks of good birth and good breeding ? Mr. Quaritch thinks not. The verses were written, says he,.**not for What Is Colcrys scions of the aristocracy, but for simple foresters who aided in the chase,'* and whose Colcrys Cost proper school (mark this !) was active experience in the fields and forests. Then Mr. Quaritch continues thus : — ** We may go much further, and question the very existence of the lady, Colcrys Coupon except as a personifica- tion of the Domns /nlianiy or St. Julian's Hospital near St. Alban's. Her book is the Barnes' book of Hunting . . . and is simply a work Buy Cheap Colcrys of rhymed instructions from a supposed schoolmistress (Dame) to her Barns, or school- children . . Colcrys Mg ." Now, as the chase was put under the protection of St. Hubert, and not under that of St. Julian, we naturally ask ourselves why the Domns Juliani should have been a sporting school for simple foresters. With this question in mind, we go in search of infor- mation, and we soon learn from Cussan, Newcome, Dugdale, and the records of St. Alban's Abbey, that the Domns Jnliani was — a leper hospital ! Yes, and it was a small monastery as well, since no fewer than five priests Colcrys 0.6 Mg Colcrys Generic attended to the needs of six leprous brothers. Such was its character throughout the whole of Juliana's life ; it never became a schcx)!. No '* supposed schoolmistress'' ever taught there, and its lepers and its priests were not " simple foresters who aided in the chase." Nevertheless, w^e can all admire the unexpected notion, so Gil- bert ian in its whimsicality, that an age of ignorance and of ter- rible civil war encouraged a kind of sporting college for rude yeo- n^en. We may yet be told that the fifteenth century, in addition to having studious simple for- esters who could not read, had also its gallant Peace Society and its anti-vaccinationists. Here I bring this short paper to a close. Owing to the limits of my space — and no one can plant a thorn-bush in a thimble— I have left many things unsaid, but it will give me pleasure to reply to any questions addressed to me by post. Every sportsman, again, should study the reprints of Juli- ana's writings that Mr. Elliot Stock published in 1880 and 1 88 1. These reprints, I regret to say, are nothing more than reproductions in facsimile, so that their obsolete forms of spelling, like the blurred print and the punctuation, are very trouble- some to ninety- nine persons in a hundred. Still more important is the fact that the reprint of 18S1 contains some misleading prefa- tory chapters, in which the late Mr. William Blades still lives to theorise at random, filling his poor paragraphs with absurd dog- matisms, provable misstatements, and self- contradictory sentences. What we need, therefore, is a new and modernised Colcrys Online edition of the "Boke of St. Albans," edited carefully and with sympathy. Meanwhile, however, we must struggle through the reprints we 1899.] THE PRESERVATION OF AFRICAN GAME. 265 have, rememberiDg always that Haselwood's (1810) is by far the best ; and let it never be forgotten that Dame Bemers, like her great con tern (K>rary, Christine de Pisan, compiled noble essays, essays full of life, that would be «read Colcrys Price with interest hundreds of years after the fierce midwifery Buy Colcrys of civil war had brought forth a better type of civilisation. Walter Shaw Sparrow. The Preservation of African Game. The statement made in Parlia- ment by the Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs, that it is proposed to hold in the spring an Inter- national Conference to consider what steps can be taken to prevent the extinction of rare animals and birds in Africa, has been wel- comed by sportsmen and natural- ists alike. The preservation of the remnant of those species which have been hunted to the